Feramo diamond saw blades

feramo diamond saw blades diamond saw machines
modelnumber size
MF1001, SHZ1001
180 x 22,2 mm
Diapro 300
300 x 30 mm
Diapro 350
350 x 25,4 mm
Feclip 3001
300/350 x 25,4 mm

Whatever machinery you have, mount a compatible blade measuring the full size. Substituting a close enough undersized diameter may be possible, but not ideal.

Feramo Tools in Lelystad is trader in tools for professional use on the Dutch market.

feramo diamond saw blades

Feramo Tools
The Netherlands

website: www.feramotools.nl

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A concrete saw (often known as a consaw or road saw) is a power tool used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. It can be a small hand-held cut-off saw, a big walk-behind saw or other styles, and it may be powered by gasoline, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure, or electric motors. The saw blades used on concrete saws are often diamond saw blades to cut concrete, asphalt, stone, etc. Abrasive cut-off wheels can also be used on cut-off saws to cut stone and steel. The significant friction generated in cutting hard substances like concrete usually requires the blades to be cooled to prolong their life and reduce dust.
source: wikipedia

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