Earthwork equipment

Typical earthworks include roads, railway beds, causeways, dams, levees, canals, berms and land grading. On this page an overview of industries of earthwork and earth-moving machines, such as scrapers, loaders, graders, bulldozers and dragline excavators.

Bulldozers, Scrapers, Dumpers, loaders, excavators & more


Build your own equipment

With only basic D-I-Y tools like socket wrenches, allen wrenches, tape measure, etc. you can successfully build an amphibious 2W/4W mini jeep, a hard-working mini bulldozer or another D-I-Y kit.

Heavy construction equipment is usually used due to the amounts of material to be moved up to millions of cubic metres. Earthwork construction was revolutionised by the development of the (Fresno) scraper and other earth-moving machines such as the loader, production trucks, the grader, the bulldozer, the backhoe, and the dragline excavator. (wikipedia)


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