Soil Compacton

Soil compaction is an important part of the construction process. It is used for support of structural entities such as building foundations, roadways, walkways, and earth retaining structures to name a few. Heavy machinery such as single drum rollers, tandem rollers and pneumatic rollers are used in big or complex building projects. Light equipment such as rammers, vibratory plates, walk-behind rollers, add-on compactors and trench rollers are often used on most projects.

Vibratory tampers, forward plates, reversible plates, rollers & more


Build your own equipment

With only basic D-I-Y tools like socket wrenches, allen wrenches, tape measure, etc. you can successfully build an amphibious 2W/4W mini jeep, a hard-working mini bulldozer or another D-I-Y kit.

There are several means of achieving compaction of a material. Some are more appropriate for soil compaction than others, while some techniques are only suitable for particular soils or soils in particular conditions. Some are more suited to compaction of non-soil materials such as asphalt. (wikipedia)


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